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  • Over the many years since building became the family business, knowledge and experience has been handed down from father to son.  

    BLACK BIRD CONSTRUCTION is headed by Zayne Isaacs, who envisions a new era for this longstanding family business while at the same time is guided by the vast experience of his predecessors. 

    Professional project managing is an integral part of the operations. To a large measure BLACK BIRD CONSTRUCTION’s success is a direct result of careful planning, focused execution, efficient co-ordination and diligent supervision. Extensive use is made of modern technology in order to drive the benefits of speed, accuracy and increased span of control.

    BLACK BIRD CONSTRUCTION is a 100% black economic empowerment company and is wholly owned by Zayne Isaacs. His father, Hoosain Isaacs, has over 40 years’ experience in the construction industry. Being owner managed, each project is personally overseen.

    The company employs staff from across the racial spectrum that aims to reflect the cultural diversity of the areas where it operates. As a local contractor, the company has a thorough understanding of local building requirements and general systems for obtaining permits in the city at large.

    Skilled and unskilled labour is recruited from the area where construction takes place. In all its activities the company professionals, employees and sub-contractors are drawn from the local areas and are given the opportunity to excel without compromising quality and standards.